Moving during the COVID-19 crisis

Hygienic, responsible and safe

In the following you will find all the important information on the subject of "Moving in times of COVID-19".
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Are moves still allowed?

Yes! However, additional helpers, such as friends or neighbours, are not allowed due to the ban on contact. Moving companies may, however, continue to work. This means that the move does not necessarily have to be postponed, but can be accomplished with the help of a moving company.

What special measures are taken by MS Umzüge?

We at MS Umzüge do not only want security for your furniture, but and also for our employees. Therefore we take various measures in view of the coronavirus. Of course, all our staff strictly follow the hygienic regulations and the coughing and sneezing etiquette to provide the best possible protection. Furthermore, all apartment inspections, if possible, will be done online through video calls to avoid unnecessary contact.

I have planned a move abroad - can it take place now?

Whether the move abroad, or even an Overseas , can take place is extremely questionable due to the current situation. Due to the border closures caused by the corona, moves outside the country are extremely difficult or even impossible. The success depends first of all on the destination country and the restrictions there. When entering the country, one also needs a rental contract or proof of ownership (e.g. proof of residence) and a confirmation of departure from Germany.

I am under quarantine - can I still move out of my flat?

The only option left here is to postpone the planned move yourself. In such a situation it is the best to contact your current and new landlord, if any, and describe the scenario.

All information without guarantee. Regulations may vary depending on the federal state. Last updated at: 01.05.20