Kitchen assembly

Disassembly, transport and assembly by qualified fitters

When it comes to kitchen assembly and transport, we have the expertise.

Our experienced carpenters and kitchen fitters will set up your new kitchen at your home or dismantle your kitchen to rebuild it when you move.

In case you want further improvements on your kitchen, for example a new worktop, we are happy to help with the planning and selection of materials.

Also the electrical appliances of your kitchen, whether old or new, are in the best hands with us. We also install individual appliances such as a cooker or a dishwasher in an otherwise finished kitchen during a kitchen conversion.

A kitchen assembly or a kitchen conversion in Leipzig or anywhere else in Germany is done very quickly by our specialists. Thus, it is often the case that you can already use your kitchen again on the day of the move.

After all, in many households the kitchen is the heart of the apartment or house, and you should not have to do without it any longer than absolutely necessary.